Monday, November 3, 2008

ACORN Voter Fraud: What's the Deal?

On the eve of the Presidential election, there is much controversy surrounding the past associations of Barrack Hussein Obama, the Democratic Party candidate. One of those associations is the “non-partisan” community organization group ACORN… particularly their “Project Vote” program to register new voters. Currently ACORN is under investigation by the FBI for voter registration fraud in 15 states. Of course, in the United States of America we operate under the assumption of innocence until guilt is proven. Being the fair-minded investigator I am, I PERSONALLY sought out individuals who have been registered by “Project Vote” to get their opinions on the ACORN program.

"Why, shoot! After the year I had I thought I'd never get to vote again. Thanks to ACORN, I can vote seven or eight times now. EAST BOUND AND DOWN!!!"

" Lithen, Buthter! I'm a world-famouth movie thtar! I never had the time to regithter to vote due to my hectic thchedule. ACORN made thure I didn't have to go through a big hathle. And I altho got to vote early in Ohio! WOO-HOO!"

"Them fellas gimme a whole carton a' menthols, a bottle a' hooch, an' a new 'fridgerater box ta live in. All I hadda do was sign muh name a buncha times. Them's good people."


Seriously, people... how can ANYONE dispute the integrety of ACORN and Senator Obama after those sincere testimonials by legally registered citizens?

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